The Fleet Parish Council comprises 9 members - the Chairperson, Vice-Chair and 7 members - who are unpaid volunteers who work for the benefit of the community and all local residents. The Parish Council is fully accountable and subject to detailed audit.

The Clerk to the Parish Council, whilst also being a volunteer, is a paid, part-time employee.

The Fleet Parish Council meets bi-monthly on Mondays unless otherwise stated at the Sheltered Housing Community Room on Hocklesgate. A Public Forum of 10 minutes duration will begin at 7.00pm immediately preceding each Parish Council meeting which is an opportunity for any parishioner to raise any issue or concern that they may have directly with the Parish Council.

If members of the public wish to submit any point(s) for inclusion on the Agenda of the next scheduled Parish Council meeting, they are requested to submit these directly to the Parish Clerk no later than 14 days prior to the meeting.

The Agenda for each meeting will be displayed on the Parish Council notice boards situated at the old Post Office, Old Main Road, Fleet Hargate and near the Holbeach House development, Fleet Road, Fleet. It will also be available by request from the Parish Clerk at


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